Perfect heirloom Cuff for Your Special Day

Great Gatsby with the Victorian Era, and throw in a touch of elegance from Downtown Abbey? 

Romantic, Victorian style bridal cuff made of a collection of various vintage, crocheted lace, embellished rhinestones & rare antique buttons from my personal collection.  Hand stitched on natural linen.

Vintage is an Aura: one of charm, nostalgia & complex character. It's a doorway to one's heart. When you look back years from now, you'll still see yourselves, your heart & your ever-growing story. 
This piece is unique and one of a kind, the perfect heirloom for your special day.

Shabby Chic Meets Romantic Victorian

My love for simple sophistication knows absolutely no bounds. It’s what you’d get if you mixed equal parts shabby chic and romantic VictorianWhatcha think?.... Beautiful Bride Cuff. Hand Stitched Gorgeous Crocheted Lace Cuff Bracelet. Combination of gorgeous crocheted vintage dollies & lace hand sewn on natural linen. Romantic shabby chic style, with embellished with rhinestones. One of a kind, unique, romantic yet modern look.  Underneath a lace ribbon attaches to a vintage button with a simple loop, allowing the cuff to fit snug in place. To order; check out my Sophisticated Junkie Etsy Shop. Direct Link to the left of the page.  

The year in review

 The Year in Review....

I can't believe summer has come and gone....the season's are passing me by. A sign of getting older I guess. I've slowed down a bit  "creating". The inspiration is still there, I've just been so busy trying to be a mom, full-time employee and business owner. I know I can only spread myself so far. Don't get me wrong, I'm still designing and create some wonderful pieces.

Here's a small glimpse of my creativity this past summer. ENJOY!!

~I want to thank my Beautiful Models, these ladies were so wonderful to work with and amazingly sweet!
Shea Peterson
Lisa Booher
Franna Blackburn
Brooklynn Knight

 Shea Peterson

 Brooklynn Knight

 Lisa Booher

 Franna Blackburn

.......and the other half of the time I was enjoying life with family and Friends:

Family Beach trip, SC

 Senior Prom..


Jarrett gets Prom King!

Our Boys Graduated High to college they goes

 Live Burn with the BCFD- this was so exciting. I could have never imaged what a scare and adrenaline rush this could be. Completely respect Firefighters!! 

 Appalachian Trail

Riding the mountains of NC & TN

Beach trip with a friend

White Water Rafting

Fishing the stream, enjoying the place we call home!

New art work exhibited in a gallery
Titled: "Class Warfare"

and created a new Sculpture too....

 Chain saw ready! 
although it doesn't look it, this piece of work stands 5 feet tall, and 3 feet wide.

Trip to Pigeon Forge TN

Annual Go-Cart Derby Match my family has...

Family in from Michigan!

 "Brotherly Love"

My Baby Nephew was born.

That about covers much of it!....never a dull moment in my life. Just the way I love it!!

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