A fresh new start

I've decided to change my way of thinking. You see, I had always been in a bad relationship, my parents divorced, I went through a divorce, and I've struggled as a parent. I credited some of these things to the way I've thought in my past. It kinda like this; In the past, I've not let the goodness of God have this way with me.  I've went through life thinking "This is what's in store for me, I'll do my best and ask for nothing I don't deserve" But I changed my way of thinking. I do deserve better; God has so much more to offer. It's my thoughts and actions that led my life to what it is today. I've been negitive in the past, In many ways I'm the one who's made my life the way it is. I continously had negitive thoughts follwed by negitive action. As I look back, I was a lot more negitive than positive. If something didn't go as planned or if something wasn't as I wanted, I'd think "This is never gonna change, same thing but another day." I went day after day, year after year thinking this way. I didn't expect any different. If only I could have pictured what I wanted in my mind and believed in it. God says you must believe, even if you can't see it. From today forth, I will expect God to grant me happiness, opportunities and success. He wants me to have these things. He wants me to be happy and live a good life. I have to do my part and show him by my thoughts and prayers that I'm worthy of great things. I'll ask for "Gods Favor".
The way we think is so important. Positive thoughts bring positive action, the same with negitive thoughts, bring negitive action. Thinking positively can't hurt, only make a better person.

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