This Years Apple festival was a Big Hit

                      Unicoi County TN Apple Festival

Another Festival has come and gone........
This year marked the 33rd Apple Festival,
It ranks top 20th for southern attractions. Each year it continues to grow larger than the year before. I love this town! It has everything you could expect for a small town; including what the south's known for- our southern hospitality. We like our 
tea "sweet", apple butter and fried apple pies.    
     This year was pleasant for me, I met a lot new people, and had many interested in my art. I sold much of my work; it's all worth the effort. I really enjoy this festival. Most of all, I liked connecting with other vendors and talking with those who came out to buy handcrafted items. (As I've said before "Support your local artist") It always feels good to meet people who appreciate and buy your work.
"Thanks" to those of you who stopped by to visit.....Hopefully I'll see you again next year.

*If you're interested in more information about Unicoi County's Apple Festival Click this highlighted link. Cathy, Amanda, and Jessica with the Unicoi County Chamber of Commerce are always a delight, eager to help, and filled with knowledge. Tell them I sent you.......

                                                                    booth display.............

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  1. nice post you have it...keep it up... you have a great piece of art..



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