Let's get organized~

Most of us could use a little help getting organized. I've found some handy ideas most of us could use in our homes. What would you give to have someone come in your house with fresh ideas to help get you organized? I'm guessing it would cost a pretty penny. I can't offer a personalized home visit, but I've found some simple ideas (pictures included) to help get you started.

I've never met anyone who said they have enough storage space...I seriously love this idea and truly think I could pull it off. Just think of all the STUFF that could be stored out of the way...SHOES~ just to name one of many. In our home, they always seems to pile up in front of the door. With this AWESOME storage space, all those shoes would have a place and be hid with less clutter.... they'd be easy to find when you're headed out the door. Brilliant Idea!!!

........More shoe storage Girls. I'm thinking a dresser look-a-like could be placed in several different locations of the house...basement, walk-in closet, laundry room, bedroom, etc.

Speaking of organizing your shoes....why didn't I think of this simple brillant idea....SIMPLE, CHEAP, & EASY!

Another simple idea on my list of things to do.....
Simple, inexpensive and practical...my kind of project.

This might take a few more tools to install...If you're like me and know how to use power tools, this won't seem as intimidating.  To finish this project you'll need a few 2x4's, 1X4's, nails (or) screws, a power drill, and Rubbermaid totes.... it's not as complicated as it seems, but rather one awesome storage solution.

Few more images to get you motivated.....

Wouldn't it be great to have this in the laundry room; designating each family member a basket drawer.
Simplify the task of laundry day-fold them and place in each designated laundry basket.
Your Job is Done... giving our kids responsibility and independence of taking care of their own clothes basket...
Am I the only one who really dislikes sorting and folding SOCKS?.....Yeah, my job here is done~

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