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Often I start projects and some don't get finished for months,... many months. I get distracted or lose temporary interest. Sometimes  I just get stuck! I don't feel it, I lose direction. If I walk away for awhile and come back to it at a later time it seems to bring new life, new inspiration. I can really dig getting in to book art. I was really into this piece but was unsure of the setting. I wanted to set it in some kind of frame but nothing seems to fit just right, till I found this.
I'm a picker through and through. Certain things speak to me, I discover items and pack them away for a rainy day. I'm not actually sure what I'll do with each item when I find em', but I know I'll eventually incorporate em' in my work.

A few items used in the work show:
Metal tag from an old filing cabinet
sm piece of metal tape measure
vintage keys
admission ticket
furniture braid
jewelry finding
sm round washers
old paper key tag
sm vintage perfume bottle

                                        "In dreams we catch glimpses of life larger than our own"

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