Works in Progress

Updating the finished photo of a previous logs below.

It's complete....I changed a few things...added some/deleted some and whola! Thankfully, It's already been sold.....

At times, it seems I'm working on several projects. I have a lot of idea's turning in my head, I anxiously can't wait to get started. As artist, we've all experienced those works in progress that need "something more", we'll ponder on it for a day or idea always comes to mind.  Other times, these project just need a day to thoroughly dry. (or waiting till we have time)
I'm in the process of finishing up this old window pane. I'm not sure, but I may add 3 old glass door knobs to the bottom......

I love using old books....hollowed and distressed ink accenting the pages.
Now I just need to add a little more here and there and it will be finished.
Print rub transfer

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