TIPS:Advertising your YARD SALE

~TIPS: Advertising Your Yard Sale~
Lets face it; we could all use a little extra money selling items laying around our homes. It hard throwing something out knowing there's someone out there that could use your unwanted items.
"One mans junk, is another mans treasure."

Times are tough, I've put together a list of items to help you make your next yard sale more successful....---------------------------------------

***Make your signs BIG. From the main roads you'll bring the most traffic, Use a posterboard size -Don't cut it in half, you need to get as much attention as possible on the busiest road near your home.

***You need TWO big posters to catch the attention on your busiest road near your home. One for the traffic going one way, and one for the traffic headed the opposite way. A great way to do this is with a large A frame sign.

*Use balloons on your large signs. Catching a customers eye is worth using balloons. The more people that you can get to look at your signs, the more people you will have to actually turn off the road and head your way.

*Give your address & sale date on your signs. People look for a date, making sure they're not wasting their time looking for a sale that's not happening.

*Use one color of poster throughout your advertising campaign. If you go with a bright yellow poster, then every poster needs to be bright yellow. If you stay with one color, then traffic knows they are headed to the correct yard sale.

*Write BIG with Black marker. Make sure your posters can be read clearly from a long distance away. If they can't read your signs they won't be making it to your sale. Use BIG clear letters.

*Guide your traffic every 2 blocks with arrows. Remember that using the same color of poster board is key here.Think of the arrows as little reassurances that say "almost there" or "you are still on the right path." Remember, make it as easy as possible to find your sale.

*You need to post signs through out your town. Post signs at busy intersections or popular roadways. Also, advertise in your local paper or Craigslist.

*Advertise the sale as "HUGE," "NEIGHBORHOOD" or "MULTI-FAMILY." If you can get you neighbor to join in that makes your sale even better. You can advertise your sale as a Multi-family sale. This will catch the attention of your traffic.

*Post what your big items- "Kids cloths" or "Moving sale", "Lots Furniture" or "Tools" or Baby Items." Be specific if you have something that will be a hot item. For example: "Tools" or "Antiques."

*Allow your kids to sell drinks or cookies....customers love when young children are involved in the sale activites. Not only is it fun for the kids but helps them learn good customer service.

*Put a price tag on EVERYTHING. People do not want to have to ask how much something is for everything they may be interested in. People WILL get IRRITATED, they'll walk away from the sale instead of having to ask., if you have your prices clearly marked, then you'll have more people buying.

*Organize your items. Some people enjoy hunting for items, (Myself, I hate searching through piles of items) Don't lose customers that aren't the searching type. Place items on tables= keep tables of clothes look nice and neat. Hang as many items as possible on hangers. People would rather look through clothes on hangers than sorting through them on tables. Plus you'll save time in folding those cloths over and over again.

*If you are selling a kids play house, assemble it. If you are selling a bedroom suite, pillows,night stands, bedding set, set it up in your driveway like a bedroom. Remember, visually make it easy for customers to see what it may look like in their home.

*Have everything set up and ready the night before your big sale. You'll more than likely have early birds...arriving before the sale begins. If customers come and you're still setting up, you may miss out on a sales. It's annoying when people show up early and they begin rummaging through your stuff.-the point of having this sale is to get rid of your stuff.

*Don't forget to welcome your customers with a friendly smile and a "Good morning" greeting.

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