Soldering Bottles...

Spring is almost here....just one more day folks!

My vintage obsession is about to take over. With the weather changing I can finally get outside a bit....I'm much more creative when the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Makes me wonna whistle while I work.

Prepared the bottles with a little copper designing, andnow ready for Soldering.......

Soldered and black patina's been added......all that's left to do is add some sparkle, lace and ribbon and these babies will be ready to add to the shop. 

Haven't decide if I'll use these charms I've soldered as a jewelry accent or vintage bottle accent...

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Open Road Soldered Necklace

"Open Road" one of a kind altered assembled necklace.This piece makes a statement.  It's been curated from various vintage and antique findings I gathered in my recent travels. All of my accessories are reworked with utmost attention to details and construction!  

the endless possibilities of soldering.......adding a little dark patina and these will be perfect for creative assembley.

wonna see what other treasures are available....

Paris Tags

It seems I'm always drawn to images to do with Paris...

Vintage Love, Vintage Inspired Jewelry

It's been a while since I've posted ..I apologize. To be honest, I've never liked writing much, I have more of a creative mind in visual art than writing.
Every spring I create a new jewelry line to my shop. Lets face it, not only do I love to adventure with new creative challenges, but it also helps manage my A.D.D. lol.    

My new line, "Vintage Love". One of a kind, handcrafted assemblage jewelry and accessories that help you express your unique individuality and style. My creations come together through a wide variety of salvaged vintage, antique and religious materials. The beauty and spirit of these found, re purposed objects allows me to craft ornament that blesses and inspires...brings joy and nurtures female pride. Every woman is an altar. 

Here's a few of my favorites:

 This beautiful mixture of vintage/antique findings has been repurposed and assembled creating this one of a kind art deco altered necklace. Includes Vintage glass rosary beads and small chandelier crystals. Gracefully hangs approx 34". Just the size you need. Please visit my etsy for more treasures, sure to make you fall in love with.


~I combine repurposed vintage and new jewelry components to create, One of A Kind contemporary statement jewelry with a vintage flair. Each creation is inspired by the vintage elements it contains. Some of the components I use show some wear due to their age but this only adds to the character of each piece.

A elegant rhinestone dress clip has been repurposed into a striking center for this one of a kind necklace. This piece gracefully hangs from filigree round beads and linked silver chain with a clasp. beautiful sparkling clear faceted crystals dangle from below.

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Miniature Book Necklaces

Keepsake Gift.

I guesss by now you probably know I love working with vintage book pages, sheet music, and dress form patterns. It seems I'm a book lover and I don't even read much. Last fall I created a handful of this miniature books..They're so addictive.  These little books make the great gift for the special people in your life. This is the Prefect way to tell them all the ways you love them page by page. These little books are completely funtional, open with over 25 pages or more, can be tied closed. What a wonderful Keepsake to be given. 
Click on over to my

Browse the current selection available. Price range $23-$28ea.


From Bookshelf to Book Art

You've probably seen in my previous post, to know I enjoy incorporating old book pages, sheet music, dress patterns, etc. in my work. I don't know where the this comes from. My mother wasn't a seamstress, no one plays instrument in the family, and truthfully I'm not one who's crazy about reading. I do love old ephemera and the simpler things in this life. It brings a comforting feeling giving new life to something old.
The book needs to speaks to me. Something in the cover or color of the pages needs to captures me. But once it captures me I instantly envision new meaning in it's purpose.

Silver Wear: Silverware

"She" needed a skirt. Sheet Music added the perfect touch, giving her a little more character and pose'.

This summer vintage silverware was the craze at summer craft fairs. Artist's are finding a hundreds uses for them and people are crazily lovin' em'.  This is just my style....I'm  lovin' it, it goes along everything I'm about. Collecting old items and giving them a new purpose, a new meaning.  

Seek with your heart, love with all your heart and soul~

Aluminium the new Silver

I have always been a huge fan of sterling silver until I started working with Aluminium...Yes Aluminium! I'll never wear silver again. Silver's more expensive and often tarnishes leaving you to clean & buff it way too often. 
 Did you know hammered aluminium will never tarnish or discolor? No kidding. I love it, and I love working with it. It's extremely lightweight easy to work with, easy to bend, design & of all, it will shine, shine, shine. 

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Mixed Media Items to use...

Often I star projects and some don't get finished for months,... many months. I get distracted or lose temporary interest. Sometimes  I just get stuck! I don't feel it, I lose direction. If I walk away for awhile and come back to it at a later time it seems to bring new life, new inspiration. I can really dig getting in to book art. I was really into this piece but was unsure of the setting. I wanted to set it in some kind of frame but nothing seems to fit just right, till I found this.
I'm a picker through and through. Certain things speak to me, I discover items and pack them away for a rainy day. I'm not actually sure what I'll do with each item when I find em', but I know I'll eventually incorporate em' in my work.

A few items used in the work show:
Metal tag from an old filing cabinet
sm piece of metal tape measure
vintage keys
admission ticket
furniture braid
jewelry finding
sm round washers
old paper key tag
sm vintage perfume bottle

                                        "In dreams we catch glimpses of life larger than our own"

Silver & Etched Copper Bracelets

I'm really lovin' this new technique I've been working on. Hammered aluminium & etched copper. The contrast of silver & copper really works well with each other. I've dedicated all my extra time lately preparing for my next craft fair in NC in just 3 weeks. Before a show I'm always worried I won't have enough merchandise to fill my booth..I don't know why in the world I ever worry with this very thing..I always have plenty before the show...after the show is a different story. I do surprisingly well, and this year I'll be adding all my new hammered copper and aluminium goodies. I think this will be my best year yet..wish me luck♥

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