Available Workshops

*If you'd like to register for this class, please contact me for my next workshop date
I'll introduce you to basic tools, supplies and ideas needed for creative mixed media art. You'll learn a varity of techniques to tackle the empty canvas syndrome- learn a variety of backgrounds techniques, glazing, layering paint, aging materials, and peeling paint effects.  We'll experiment with creative exercises that teach you to put basic techniques into practice. I'll show you several different techniques for transferring images to your works of art. These techniques will enhance your artwork with wonderful depth and transparency. I'll demonstrations how to rust metals, and use other texture-building methods.
Materials we'll use
Paint brushes
Acrylic paint
gel mediums
cutting tools
masking tape
petroleum jelly

While you're out - keep your eye open for these items to use in creating mixed media work.

You'll discover some of your own favorites 

*old books                          alphabet stencils
*church hymes                  pieces of bubble wrap
  ephemera                          *old postards*vintage photos                
*dress patterns                  twine
*manila tags                       costume jewerly
old stamps                          memorabilia
old eyeglasses                    clip art books
dictionary pages                 yardsticks
old tape measures              old labels

"Believe" by Artist Dawn Marie (2010 Copyright)

Creating art isn't something that should be intimidating or scary....it's about trying new things and seeing what might happen. Making art is healing. It gives us an outlet to express our fears, our joys, our hurts, our love- regardless of whether we intent it or not. The meditative practice of making art allows our hearts to expand, think, even forgive.

In this workshop you will learn to open your mind and experiment with different types of objects & techniques to create works of art.
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