My Love Affair with Vintage Bottles~

~♥I LOVE Vintage Bottles ♥~
 Most of us have something we're addicted to collecting...there is just something that draws me to 1, ok, maybe 2 or 3 particular things..One of my addictions is vintage bottles... truthfully, I don't know the difference between a $1 bottle and $500.....It's all about the look, the shape and the color, the value doesn't make a difference to me....

Depending on the shape and color I usually let the bottle speak to me, then I'll start playing around with applying different elements and color combinations to compliment the bottles color. I'll attach unusual items and add text, given it more character. I prefer leaving smaller bottles very simple, depending on their color and shape... grouping a collection together looks more interesting.    

Here's an example of using unusual itmes to tie it all together. I transfered an old image directly on the bottle, along with some twine, old key, and a piece of washed up shell I collected while at the beach.

No matter where I may be, my mind is always in a state of creativity. I'll see something and pick it up, sometimes I don't know what I'll use it for, others times I'll instantly have an idea....many times I've heard, "What in the world are going to do with that?" ....or "You want that, what for?" I try to explain by setting an image in their head, but if they aren't another "Re-Purposor'" much like myself, they'll usually think I'm a bit crazy or an absessive hoarder....although I am not a hoarder; I know my boundaries-or maybe I hide it well :)

Have a blessed Day 

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