My Secret green thumb....

 This morning I went to check the mail, on my way back in the house I noticed this beautiful rose bud, it must of bloomed over night...I thought to myself,
"Yes, spring is here.. thank you Lord". 

I must say, I have the prettiest rose bushes in town..

I'll let you in on my little secret......"Banana Peels".. Roses LOVE banana peels. . It's kind of a joke at the house. I get upset when I see a banana peel in the trash. You know how we get when we have a good thing working for us. I'll ask, "Who threw away the banana peel? Some little rose bush is hungry".
With Spring in the air, I thought I'd check on my strawberries too ..Oh boy, these little preciouses' brought a smile to the face. I ♥heart strawberries...uummm strawberry shortcake on the mind, my mouth's watering just thinking about it..

Happy Spring,

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