Water Jug Water Feature Tutorial

Galvanized Water Jug Tutorial
OK, so I've been tossing around this idea of making a small water feature to display outside of my back porch...I wanted something simple, something I didn't have to sink a ton of money in....if you're like me, I have enough of those projects going as it is.
Then...Perfect timing, I found a small water pump at a yard sale this past Friday. Get this... for only a big $1 ~Score~
I already had the watering cans ( BTW: I never pass up galvanized water cans) then it dawned on me to make this  fabulous inexpensive water feature. ....not to mention, it's fairly easy to put together...AND CHEAP....I'll say it again, CHEAP...

A few things you'll need to get started:
  1. 2-3 Galvanized Watering Cans.
  2. Large Galvanized Tub or a 1/2 Barrel.
  3. Small Water Pump
  4. Water tubing ( suggest 6-8 feet @ 75 cent a ft.)
  5. Hanging Brackets ( anything that can get the job done)
  6. Power Drilll and Drill Bit
 Getting started you'll want to find an area in your yard such as a fence or building to use as the support back drop. A landscaped area makes for a better surrounding. 1st thing; You'll want to place your large galvanized tub out far enough to catch the water flowing from the bottom water can. I suggest about 2 1/2 feet away from the fence or building. (don't worry about perfect placement at this time, you can adjust it later.)
Next, determine how high you'd like your 1st water jug. I placed mine approx. 5 ft. high. I found it best if you place the two water jugs about 2 feet a part. Once you've made your placement, you'll need to drill a hole in each water jug handle. This is a must, otherwise the jug could potently move, causing you to lose water and burn up your pump.

I attached the top bracket hanger to my fence and hung the jug.  I personally like to step back to see if this will suit  me...sometimes it's helps to step back  and imagine the finish project.  
Now you'll need to drill another, slightly larger hole in the back of your top watering can. (the exact hole placement doesn't matter because you'll run the water tubing through the hole and then through the watering spout.) By drilling a hole in the back of the watering can hides the tubing. The objectives to make this water feature look as though it's pouring water with no tubes attached.

these picture show the water tubing runs through the watering can and then through the spout. 
Now you'll need to set your pole with concrete. I set mine at an angle so the water jug would be hanging at a sight angle.

The only thing left is the most tricky- adding your last watering can. You'll need to turn on the pump to see where the water flows. This will give you the exact placement to where you need to install the watering can. It also lets you know where to install the other hanging bracket. I marked the pole so I knew where to install the bracket and I also marked the water jug handle so I knew where to drill my last hole.

This little water feature has so much potential....
I Hope you enjoyed ...Bookmark this page, more tutorials coming soon.


  1. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Good Job!

  2. I love seeing recycled items reborn in creative projects. I've always said that anybody with Money can do something neat. But it takes a Special kind of person to do it on a shoestring budget! This is really cool. Great job!

  3. Exactly what I have been searching for - idea wise. I have buckets, not watering cans, but the concept will work - thank you!

  4. can you tell me what size pump you used? And can you explain how to hook up the pump?

  5. I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say this is a really creative water feature. Thanks for sharing.

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