Another Successful Year.....

Every year I participate as a craft vendor in the Unicoi County Apple festival...and every year it's better than the year before. This by far, is my favorite festival, the people are friendly and the turn out never fails. I think they est. 200,000 people visit Erwin Tn. during the Apple festival every year, that's a lot of people!  Some come to listen to the music, or get their fix of Apple Butter & Fried Apple Pies, some make it an annual homecoming to visit friends and family, many come to enjoy the beautiful fall mountains colors, and others stroll down main street to admire the items handcrafted by local artist. I have to say; There's something about southern gatherings; southern hospitality lingers in the air, if it can be fried you'll find people standing in line for it and everyone you see is smiling and greeting each other with "hi". What's not to love...........

This year I had the opportunity to move booth locations to a corner spot.... needless to say...I LOVE IT~ Corner locations are the bomb, you get traffic from all're able to sprawl out like a weeks wash and visible on all 4 sides vs. just the front.
I decided since I was changing locations I was gonna need some impressive display tables....Me and my honey went hard at work and came up with 3 tables that made other vendors weep. LOL

What do you think?

I'm so happy with the way they turned out.

We were going for the look of a bit rustic, yet modern. Accomplished!.. There's a couple amenities I'd like to add; a dowel to hang issue paper for easy access wrapping fragile items, a cash drawer, and a shelf inside one of the side tables to store gift bags, etc.

A HUGE THANK YOU- I'd like to personally thank each of you that visited my booth, thank you for all your kinds words and supporting me as an artist. It fills my heart with joy knowing others admire my work, it feeds the passion that drives me.  

oh yeah....I forgot to mention my new line of jewelry....I'm out of time today, I'll post picture tomorrow...see you then..
Smiles, Dawn Marie

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  1. i love your blog
    Can I present it on mine, on "a sunday a blog"
    Thanks and Happy new year !!!


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